Mini-Workshop on Neurophilosophy

Time: December 7, 2011
Place: ChungMoonSoul Building, KAIST, Daejeon

14:00    "Why Neurophilisophy?"    Jeyoun Park, Ph.D. (Department of Philosophy, Inha University)

14:30    "Morality and the mammalian brain”    Patricia Churchland, Ph.D. (UC President's Professor of Philosophy, UCSD)

16:00    "What is the proper connectionist philosophy of science"    Young E Rhee, Ph.D. (Kangwon National University)

17:00    Discussion (Chair: Jaeseung Jeong, Ph.D., Discussion panel: Patricia Churchland, Young E Rhee, Jeyoun Park)

- Organized by Brain Dynamics Laboratory, Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST
- Sponsored by Korean Philosophical society