The 2nd Annual Meeting of Society for Computational Neuroscience

International Symposium on Computational Neuroscience:
Phenomenology, Function, and Computation of Consciousness

Date: June 18th, 2010
Place: KIST, Seoul, Korea

The brain is arguably one of the most complex and densely packed, yet highly efficient information processing systems known. It is also the seat of sensory perception, motor coordination, memory, and consciousness. But what is this consciousness, that - as many believe - makes us humans unique to humans. On the occasion of the meeting of our society, we aim to bring together world class experts in the scientific study of consciousness for an exchange of ideas about its phenomenology, neural correlates, possible function and computational foundations. This one-day workshop is organized by the Society for Computational Neuroscience as a part of its series on Computational Brain Workshops. We have a high expectation that the scientific presentations and the subsequent panel discussions will be of highest intellectual rigor. We welcome the participation of interested researchers and students from interdisciplinary areas in science, engineering, neuroscience, psychology, and other related fields.


* Early Registration closed. If you want to register, please refer the 'late-registration' term.

[Organizing Committee]

- Seunghwan Kim (POSTECH) * Chair
- Daeshik Kim (KAIST) * Co-chair
- Jee Hyun Choi (KIST)
- Dong-Uk Hwang (NIMS)
- Chang-Woo Shin (SAIT)

[Invited Speakers]

Invited Tutorials
- George Mashour (Univ. Michigan, USA)
- Hee-Sup Shin (KIST, Korea)

Invited Talks
- Yoonsuck Choe (Texas A&M Univ., USA)
- Takashi Ikegami (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
- UnCheol Lee (Univ. Michigan, USA)
- Gyu-Jeong Noh (Univ. of Ulsan College of Medicine, Korea)
- Jun Tani (RIKEN, Japan)


09:30-10:00    Registration
10:00-10:20    Opening

Session I - Tutorial
10:20-11:20    George Mashour
    Disconnecting Consciousness during General Anesthesia and Related States
11:20-12:20    Hee-Sup Shin
    Involvement of the mediodorsal thalamus in control of consciousness and cognition

12:20-13:20    Lunch

Session II - Phenomenology
13:20-14:05    Gyu-Jeong Noh
    Processed EEG metric as a surrogate measure of level of consciousness:
    the dose-response relationship of anesthetic agents
14:05-14:50    UnCheol Lee
    Complex systems analysis of anesthetic induction and emergence

14:50-15:20    Coffee Break

Session III - Computational Functions
15:20-16:05    Jun Tani
    Autonomy of 'Self' at Criticality: The Perspective from Synthetic Neuro-Robotics
16:05-16:50    Yoonsuck Choe
    Investigating Objective Necessary Conditions of Consciousness in Simulated Evolution
16:50-17:35    Takashi Ikegami
    Designing Mind Time Machine

17:35-18:30    Panel Discussion and Society Meeting
18:30-20:00    Banquet


- Early Registration Closed.
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    - 40,000KRW for late/on-site registration
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- Convention Hall, KIST, Seoul, Korea
    1st floor of international cooperation building (building #10 in the map) (Link for detail)

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