Mini-workshop on Computational Neuroscience
Computational Modeling of Information Processing in the Brain

Date: Nov. 19th-20th, 2010
Place: APCTP Headquarter, Pohang, Korea


- 김승환 (POSTECH / 계산뇌과학회장)
- 이상귀 (POSTECH)
- 황동욱 (NIMS)


- 강혁 (NIMS)
- 곽지현 (고려대학교)
- 권오규 (APCTP)
- 이동수 (서울대 의대)
- 조명원 (KIAS)
- 최지현 (KIST)
- 하준


Nov. 19th (Friday), 2010
13:30-13:40    Opening Remarks
13:40-14:30    이동수
    Classification based on connectivity; single brain image interpretation
14:30-15:20    강혁
    Metabolic Neuro-Hemodynamic Model
15:20-15:40    Break
15:40-16:30    하준
    Dynamics of a two-compartment neuronal model
16:30-17:20    권오규
    Resonance phenomena in the large-scale cortical network model of macaque monkey
17:30-19:00    Banquet

Mov. 20th (Saterday), 2010
09:30-10:20    조명원
    Computational Modeling of the Brain
10:20-11:10    최지현
    Mapping Thalamo-cortical Functional Connectivity in Mouse Brain
11:10-12:00    곽지현
    Phase coding and spike timing-dependent plasticity in the hippocampus
12:00-13:30    Lunch


- APCTP Headquaters, Pohang, Korea


- Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP)


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- Phone: (054) 279-1343